Our tea parties are relaxed co-learning sessions that bring people together to explore technology at their own pace and to meet their own needs. The parties can cover everything from an introduction to getting online to tablet photography to social media... and everything in-between!

Book a tea party now. Prices start from £400.


When we are running the tea parties, we recruit and train volunteers and community workers as 'Techvocates'. As part of these session we share our resources and tea party plans with participants, develop their tech knowledge and generally support them to run tea parties independently.

Book a team training day. Prices start from £550.


Techniscence sessions use technology to support and enhance reminiscence activities, working with people to recall memories and create new ones with bold old and new tech! Our sessions focus on a wide range of topics, including music, fashion and holidays and incorporate sensory experiences.

Book a session now. Prices start from £400.